The next run takes place on November 14, 2015, and from now through the end of the summer, we are offering $70 early bird sign up rates.

November’s run will feature the same great course we brought you in April, which includes the 3, 6 and 10 mile options.

As an added bonus, if you’re among the first 200 registrants, you’ll have guaranteed access to our new Elite Wave which will begin at 7:40 AM. This start time is geared for our more hardcore participants who wish to make a competition out of it. All participants in the Elite Wave will be timed. This wave is filling up, so act soon and you’ll not only reserve your spot, but you’ll also enjoy the $70 discounted early bird rate.

Lastly…if you sign up by Labor Day, you’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of Icebug shoes (valued at $190). See our order form for details and to get registered today!


Here are just a few glowing reviews we’ve received for last April’s American Hotshots Extreme Run…

Congratulations on this event! I have done several tough mudders and Spartans and your event was the funnest! I am anxious for the next event to happen! Thanks for the awesome time!

Cody Stevens, CMS Construction

I’ll be there for the next one.

Very nice venue…as good a venue as any Tough Mudder (I’ve done at least 8 of those and several other runs like the CrazyFit Challenge and one run by Mammoth Mtn). Very picturesque. Marketed right, you could get people to travel overnight distance based on the beauty of the course and location.


We ran the event yesterday – great job! The obstacles were well made and well thought out. (Focusing on the reservoir was very fun – a great swim at the end and very smart place for the water obstacles in a drought year.) The property was perfect – great running trails, hills were approachable for those of us that aren’t serious runners, and the scenery was spectacular and varied. I hope you put this event on again next year at the same property – my only comment is there were an awful lot of walls v. other obstacles – my personal nemesis.

Thanks for bringing mud runs local – we run Spartans at least once a year, but have to travel to do them. Having such a well run race right in our backyard is quite a luxury. We’ll do our best to spread the word for next year!


Dave, it was a phenomenal event!!!!!! We did not think there was a lack of volunteers at all!!!! We will be there next year, as we loved every moment of it!!!! Our favorite were the mud tunnels. Awesome event!!! Thank you for running it!!!!


That race was the highlight of my year and I will DEFINITELY do it again…

Kalina Burns

A few words from the team who won last year’s event…

“The HotShots Extreme Run was a blast! Killer B Fitness trained hard in preparation and we all had so much fun. The course was really well put together and the obstacles were challenging and creative. The race director, staff and all the volunteers really made it super fun. Many of the firefighters were on duty fighting fires and we are looking forward to the next race and all the energy the firefighters will bring to the event. Thanks again for the awesome day! We have every intention of winning again, so please get motivated and put your teams together. We want a challenge!”

-Dr. Robert Wilcher, Killer B Fitness

Killer B Fitness

Check out the photos from our inaugural event in May!

To the thousand strong who participated in our event or showed up to cheer, we thank you for your support and hope to see you again in April!